Storytelling in Language Teaching


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  • Staging lessons around narratives
  • Storytelling for teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • The story as live listening material
  • Bringing personal storytelling alive
  • The value of telling and retelling of learner stories
  • Stories and the lexical approach
  • Stories and task-based learning
  • Stories and memorability
  • Working with picture stories
  • Spontaneous stories
  • Reader’s theatre
  • The art of telling a story
  • Physicality in storytelling
  • Co-constructing stories
  • Telling a story through Zoom
  • Green screen storytelling
  • Puppet stories
  • Strategies for story creation
  • Performing stories online
  • Story performances and feedback

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Course description

A need to share stories is something that every culture in the world has had in common since the beginning of time. For this reason, the great ELT methodologist, Mario Rinvolucri, referred to storytelling as the oldest language teaching technique in existence. Stories are an excellent context for making natural spoken language memorable, for presenting and exploring language, and for building learner and teacher confidence. If a curriculum solely consisted of teachers and learners telling stories, and then reflecting on those stories, we could argue that everything would be in place in order for language learning to happen.

In its basic format storytelling is very resource-light, requiring little more than the human voice. It can be done in very large classes with huge numbers of learners and very little equipment. At the same time, there are many online tools which can bring something new to the technique. This course will focus on all forms of storytelling, for teachers of all age groups. It will aim to develop the skills of the teacher as storyteller, provide practical classroom-based strategies, and look at ways to develop learner language proficiency through storytelling.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • have more self-confidence both to tell stories in class themselves and to encourage their students to do so
  • have the skills and knowledge to plan, implement and evaluate their own use of stories and storytelling in the teaching of foreign languages
  • be aware of a range of practical ideas and activities for making stories and storytelling a central part of the curriculum
Learning outcomes

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