Drama Activities for Language Learning


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  • Drama games and warm up activities
  • Mime and physical drama activities
  • Drama as a way to build group dynamics
  • Drama and pronunciation
  • Roleplay and simulation
  • Simple and advanced improvisation activities
  • Puppetry and masks
  • The skills of storytelling
  • Working with scripts
  • Turning a script into a piece of theatre
  • Strategies for play creation
  • Setting up and running a drama club
  • The rehearsal process
  • Remote theatre techniques
  • Final performances and feedback and evaluation

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Course description

Drama activities have been used to teach foreign languages for a very long time and yet they are still sometimes viewed as something which is just for the high achievers and the extroverts. In fact, drama as a tool for learning is something that can be incorporated into almost every class, and it doesn’t necessarily require acting skills, or lots of time or practice. But its potential to promote learning is high. It’s a great way to bring to life the language in the coursebook and to make it meaningful and memorable, and on top of this it’s fun. This six-day course for practising language teachers will equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to conduct drama activities with the students they teach in their own contexts.

It will focus on key drama and language learning activities such as mime, improvisation activities, and creating and performing a script. At the same time it will explore how these activities can provide a motivating and learning rich route into second language development.  The course will end with a performance of what has been worked on. No previous experience of drama or acting is required in order to take part in the course.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the participants will:

  • have more self-confidence to work with drama activities in their own classes
  • have the skills and knowledge to set up, manage and evaluate a drama club for foreign language development
  • have the skills to incorporate drama activities into their regular classes
  • be aware of a range of practical ideas for incorporating drama activities into the foreign language curriculum
Learning Outcomes

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