Sports Day at Jantar
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Sports Day at Jantar

Piše: Vesna Bakota, profesorica / ravnateljica

Jantar is not only a school where children come to learn English and other educational skills, but it is also a place that encourages children to develop valuable life skills such as tolerance, critical thinking, co-operation, empathy, teamwork and socialising.

It was this train of thought that inspired our teachers to organise „Sports Day“. Jantar's Sports Day was held on June 7th, 2019 at Zvončac for children from grades 2-4. The response was overwhelming and the atmosphere in the classrooms leading to the day was one of excitement and enthusiasm.

On this warm and sunny Friday afternoon children arrived in droves, each and every one eager to participate in the many different activities prepared. The children were all divided into groups and assigned to teachers who were positioned all over Zvončac, each station offering a different activity. We had dodgeball (teacher Ante), hopscotch (teacher Mira), elastic (teacher Iva), egg and spoon races and three legged races (teacher Vesna), tennis (teacher Irena), ultimate frisbee (Davor Sobin).

The groups rotated, giving each child the opportunity to enjoy and participate in familiar activities and some not so common or familiar. Mirjana and Josip Sobin were also on hand to supervise the movement of children and offer refreshments.

Throughout the day, children's comments, laughter and satisfaction resonated all over Zvončac. An exhausting, exciting but OH such a great day was had by all.

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