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  • the most widely recognised English teaching qualification in the world
  • Developed by International House organisation
  • Certified by University of Cambridge
  • Over 90% of foreign language schools worldwide exclusively employ CELTA-certified teachers

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The highest standard in teacher training

Part of the International House affiliation

Certified Cambridge Assessment English exam centre

Quality Assurance awarded by national and international institutions

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General information

Who is CELTA for?

CELTA is intended for people who want to teach English as a Foreign Language. 

Who can enroll in the CELTA course? 

The first step in enrolling in a CELTA course is an interview with potential candidates. Participants in the CELTA course must have a certain level of knowledge of teaching methods, pedagogy and andragogy. The CELTA course is usually enrolled either by English language professors with a completed graduate or postgraduate study or by candidates who have a C2 level of English language proficiency and additional training in relevant teaching methods and approaches. 

How to get a certificate? 

Before taking the exam for obtaining the certificate, it is obligatory to attend the CELTA course. The course may only be held by schools verified to provide University of Cambridge courses. It consists of a theoretical and a practical part, and the exam is organized for all participants upon completion of the course. All candidates who pass the exam receive a CELTA certificate. Taking the exam is included in the price of the course. 

What course is available at Jantar - International House Split? 

Jantar - International House Split currently offers intensive CELTA courses lasting four weeks. Courses are held mostly from 9:00 to 17:00. The courses are organized in cooperation with the partner school International House Accademia Britannica from Rome.

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Learning aims

By the end of the course the participants will have:

  • acquired essential knowledge of the subject and got acquainted with the principles of effective teaching
  • adopt a range of practical skills for teaching English
  • shown their ability to apply what they have learned in a real context
Learning aims

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Dates and availability

CELTA courses are held when a minimum of eight participants apply. Therefore, the dates are not defined in advance.

You can apply via e-mail to josip.sobin@jantar.hr. To apply, you need to send your basic information (name and surname, date of birth, OIB, contact e-mail and telephone) and indicate whether you have additional qualifications for teaching English.
After registration, the teacher trainers will contact you for an introductory interview via Skype or telephone. If after the interview you are approved as a candidate to attend the course, we will send you all the documents required for registration and payment.

Dates and availability

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