Summer at Jantar

Summer at Jantar

Written by teacher Iva Meštrović

Our summer courses are in full swing, and we are already preparing for the fall.

At Jantar, we always try to keep up to date, so we choose programmes for our students that meet the needs of modern society and education.

We are currently working on creating curricula and figuring out how to best use the new titles for our young students, teenagers and adult learners.

The new titles we have chosen for young learners from second to fourth grade, place a strong emphasis on skills development through interactive learning and offer support through innovative content and familiar topics. Students are encouraged to develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking. This programme links the classroom with the real world and encourages the sharing of ideas through communication and collaboration.

The new programmes for our eighth graders and high school students are full of thought-provoking questions that inspire students to think critically about the world around them. Inquiry-based learning methodology helps equip students with 21st century skills and prepare them for success in school and beyond.

For our adult learners, we have been loyal to New English File for over 20 years. It will remain so because their textbooks provide adults with enough motivation and opportunities to use the language and a balance between vocabulary, grammar and the development of all language skills. Although the title remains the same, we chose its latest edition because it offers updated texts and vocabulary as well as practical interactive materials.

We can’t wait to start with the new books and we’re sure our students will like them too.

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