Key elements of successful classroom management

Key elements of successful classroom management

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Written by Iva Meštrović, English teacher

The term we use for the process of ensuring that our lessons run smoothly is classroom management. This process includes many things but what I find the most important is a good teacher-student relationship.

Building strong relationships

We need to build rapport with our students to create a safe environment which will help and support learning. This harmonious relationship is beneficial and some of the outcomes are willingness to cooperate and collaborate as well as better interaction inside the classroom. There are many techniques for ensuring a good rapport but one of the key ones is personalisation.

Setting the rules

Getting to know your students helps creating a warm and supportive atmosphere which enhances the chances of a successful learning process, but another major classroom management technique is a fair set of rules. Rules are an integral part of effective classroom management and they work on preventing disruptive behaviour. Rules are made to ensure that everything is fair and safe for students to learn to the best of their ability. They create a structure and habit for students to adopt to prepare them for the working world. Both rapport and rules help create a positive community built on mutual respect.

Good organization for good classroom management

In order for our lessons to run smoothly, in order to avoid as many problems as possible, being well organized is something that plays an important role. Organization and preparedness is another key aspect of successful classroom management. Organized teacher, organized and structured lessons, routines and clear instructions all work together to help our students know what to expect and understand the learning tasks better. If everything within the learning process is well organized things in the class run more smoothly with less confusion and students have a clear vision of learning outcomes and goals.

Motivate your students!

We all want our students to be motivated to achieve these goals and to reach these outcomes, so motivation is the key process in teaching and learning. I find that the rapport, rules and organization as important parts of classroom management help boost our students’ motivation and thus improve the overall learning process.

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